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Getting Older is Challenging.

Use my Expertise.

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For attorneys, legal professional and individuals representing or involved in legal matters surrounding contested wills and trusts, financial elder abuse, and other cases requiring forensic geriatric psychiatric evaluation in order to establish their case, please contact Dr. Stein using the contact form below to set up a no obligation 30 minute consultation.

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The Mental and Emotional Aspects of Aging are Multifaceted.

Let me help explain them.


Sculpture by Marc Sijan.  
Used with permission.

Marc Sijan specializes in Life-size HyperRealistic Sculpture. His creations have been featured in galleries, museums and special exhibits all over the world. They include the Smithsonian Museum of Modern Art in Washington, D.C, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the Philadelphia Museum of Modern Art and the Milwaukee Art Museum.

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