Legal and Forensic Consultation:

  1.     Contested Wills and Trusts.

  2.     Testamentary Capacity, including Undue Influence and Insane Delusions.

  3.     Geriatric Competence.

  4.     Dementia and Delirium, including Alzheimer’s Disease.

  5.     Geriatric Psychiatry Evaluation and Treatment, including Psychiatric Medication and Psychotherapeutic Issues.

  6.     Depression and Anxiety Disorders in the Aged.

  7.     Relationship Problems between the Elderly and their Adult Children.

  8.     Aging and Mental Disorders.

  9.     Geriatric Psychiatry issues concerning Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Independent and Assisted Living Facilities.

  10.     Medicare Psychiatric Services Coding and Documentation.


Available to serve as an Expert Witness, and do Legal and Forensic Consultation, Record Review, and Assessments concerning Psychiatric Issues in Older Individuals.

Available to work with Plaintiff or Defense.

Areas of Expertise:

I am a Member of the Task Force on Testamentary Capacity and Undue Influence, for the International PsychoGeriatric Association.

Last Revision June, 2012

Information on:

I am the author of the article “Does Your Client Have Testamentary Capacity? Mental Health and Memory Issues That Affect Estate Planning “, published in California Estates and Trusts Quarterly, Volume 17, Issue 2, 2011.

On June 13, 2012, I presented a program on this topic at the East Bay Trusts & Estates Lawyers Third Annual Spring Symposium, in Oakland, California.